Food wrapping paper

Onion-skin paper certified for direct contact with food. Fully customisable with water-based inks, it lets you wrap food in total safely.

Custom Food Wrapping Paper: Certified Printing for Food Contact

Custom Food Wrapping Paper is used for packaging food products such as sweets, ice cream tubs, fried items, and many others. It is certified for direct contact with solid, semi-solid, and pasty foods and is printed with water-based safe inks. It is an ideal solution for packaging and transporting your food products, allowing you to align them perfectly with your brand.

Custom Food Wrapping Paper is 100% natural, made from virgin cellulose fibers. It is printed with non-harmful water-based inks specially designed for food use. It can be used for packaging or immediate consumption of "take away" meals, such as sandwiches and other snacks. You have the option to customize it easily and quickly on the page by selecting the configuration options that suit your needs.

Greaseproof Food Wrapping Paper

You can use the Food Wrapping Paper to package foods like cheese, sandwiches, and other snacks for on-site or home consumption. It's perfect for takeaway or delivery, thanks to its greaseproof properties, but it is also used in restaurants and bars. It can also be used in pastry shops to package sweets or pastries, and when combined with Food Packaging, it allows you to give your products a unique appearance that aligns with your brand.

Personalize the Food Wrapping Paper with Your Restaurant's Logo

Pixartprinting's Food Wrapping Paper can be customized in just a few clicks on our website. Your logo will be printed in high definition on 50g Greaseproof Paper using the latest printing technologies. You can also choose the customization options you prefer:

  1. Printing Colors: Your logo can be printed in one of the many colors available.
  2. Sheet Size: You have the option to select one of the Formats we offer. In addition to the standard predefined Formats (100x75 cm, 75x50 cm, 50x37.5 cm, 37.5x25 cm, or 25x18 cm), you can also order an assortment of large, small, or various-sized Food Wrapping Paper sheets.
  3. Quantity: The quantity of Food Wrapping Paper sheets is indicated in kilograms.
  4. Number of Sheets: Set the number of sheets you need.

Create your ideal product and order it easily and quickly! Thanks to the useful free online quote, automatically estimated during configuration, you can discover the final price in real-time. You will receive your new Food Wrapping Paper sheets directly at your office with prompt shipping.

Personalize Your Food Wrapping Paper in Just a Few Clicks

You can shape your custom Food Wrapping Paper directly on our website. If you don't have a ready-to-print file, you can rely on our Graphic Services to request the support of a professional graphic designer who can help you with your project. Alternatively, you can use Designer, our free editor, to create your graphics independently. Discover it!

Custom Food Wrapping Paper with Secure Shipping

Are you afraid that your custom Food Wrapping Paper will be damaged during shipping? Don't worry: we ensure that your products are packed and shipped with the utmost care. The food paper is arranged in packages of 10 kg on an 80x60 cm pallet:

  • Formats 75x100 and 50x75 cm are folded in half with a soft crease (this way, the crease does not remain, and the paper does not get damaged).
  • Other smaller formats are packaged flat.
  • Each package is labeled with the traceability of the paper.

Once the Food Wrapping Paper is spread out, everything is packed with a transparent polypropylene sheet protected with tape. Then, corners and a cardboard panel are added to act as a cover and protection, all closed with cellophane.

Custom Greaseproof Paper: When to Use It?

In the Pixartprinting catalog, you will find many products for the catering industry ideal for customizing the coordinated image of your establishment or business. If you have a pastry shop, bakery, bar, or takeaway service, in particular, you can print your custom Greaseproof Paper and package products for your customers. Custom Greaseproof Paper is ideal, especially for wrapping food items such as sandwiches, portions of cheese, platters of pastries, pizza slices, biscuits, or dry cakes. Not only that, Greaseproof Paper can also be used to wrap items such as handmade soaps or natural cosmetics. Packaging is an integral part of the product and is a useful tool for your communication and brand.

Discover Custom Food Packaging and Labels

Our extensive catalog includes a wide range of products for custom packaging. Among these, many are dedicated to food packaging: on our website, you can find boxes, bags, and packaging paper suitable for direct contact with food products. All our items are strictly customizable. Discover them all!

Do you own a pastry shop or a takeaway restaurant? We recommend taking a look at our custom roll labels, printed in high definition. You can use them to decorate your packages and make your products instantly recognizable.