Magnetic Stripe Cards

Ideal for access cards or ID badges. Available in various thicknesses and background colours, with or without a hole.

Print your new Custom Magnetic Cards online

Used as identification badges for businesses or as practical access cards, Magnetic Cards have become a tool used in everyday life. They are employed in numerous professional and commercial contexts and also provide an opportunity to communicate your company values.

At Pixartprinting, we print custom magnetic cards characterized by high-quality materials and high-definition graphics. You have the ability to shape your ideal product through our user-friendly website by selecting your preferred configuration options. Once the order is complete, you will receive them directly at your office through prompt shipping.

Personalizing Cards with Magnetic Stripe

Select the customization options within the page and create your new Magnetic Cards in just a few clicks:

  1. Format: The standard format for business cards and badges is 8.5x5.4 cm. These are the ideal dimensions for creating cards that fit in wallets or standard badge holders.
  2. Material: We offer three different supports. White PVC 0.76 cm, Transparent PVC 0.76 cm, and White PVC 0.5 cm are materials that guarantee flexibility and durability.
  3. Base Color: You can simply print your custom graphics on the surface, or you can also apply a special Base Color from the available options (Glitter Gold, Glitter Silver, and Pearl White).
  4. Printing Method: Your custom image will be printed on the front or front and back of the cards using 4-color printing technology to ensure results that meet your expectations.
  5. Embellishments: Through embellishments, certain details of the graphics can be highlighted. Gold or Silver Lamination will make certain parts of the image shine, while Embossing will provide a pleasant relief effect on the surface.
  6. Hole or Slot: You have the option to apply a Hole or Slot to the custom cards, or you can order Logo Badge Holders on our website.

Regarding the Magnetic Stripe of your new cards, we offer three different configuration options (LO-CO, HI-CO 4000, HI-CO 2750). Cards with LO-CO Magnetic Stripe are writable with an LO-CO magnetic stripe writer, while cards with HI-CO Magnetic Stripe can be encoded with an HI-CO magnetic stripe writer. Remember that a higher or lower oersted value has nothing to do with the card's encoding capacity, but rather its anti-demagnetization properties: the lower the oersted value, the more demagnetizable the stripe is.

Order your new Magnetic Cards in a few clicks

Inside the page, you will find the convenient downloadable Template. Use it to properly set up your print file! This way, you will ensure a result that perfectly meets your expectations.

By customizing your new cards within the page, you will see the automatically estimated free quote during the configuration. Select the desired Quantity and Delivery Date with a single click to complete the order, and if you have any doubts or encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact our Customer Support services.