Wine Bottle Carriers

Choose our Wine Bottle Carriers for your wine and spirit shop: perfect for holding and protecting your products for regular purchases and as a gift pack for special occasions.

  • Three different sizes
  • Cotton handles
  • White or brown corrugated cardboard

Personalised Wine Bottle Boxes

Are you a wine producer? Are you looking for Bottle Boxes to display your wine products? With Pixartprinting, you can print customised wine Bottle Boxes, made from robust corrugated cardboard. Easy to assemble and durable, they are the ideal solution for displaying your bottles in your shop and transporting them. They have a window so the label can be seen, and a practical rope handle for carry.

Customising your new Wine Bottle Boxes is easy and only takes a few clicks on this page: select your preferred configuration options, which will generate a quote, and download the useful Template and Instructions from our Graphic Designers to help you set up your print file correctly. Once you have submitted your order, your new Bottle Boxes will be sent directly to your office (or home) through our fast and punctual Shipping service.

Print Bottle Boxes fully aligned with your branding! Enjoy a high-quality product that can protect and promote your wine bottles.

Wine Bottle Boxes made from corrugated cardboard

Our Wine Bottle Boxes are made from white or kraft corrugated cardboard, a solid but lightweight material that is used to produce packaging for shipping; it is also ideal for printing in high definition. The boxes are ideal for promoting your wine bottles and protecting them from damage during transport.

You can choose from several pre-defined sizes. Choose the one that meets your needs and unleash your creativity to create instantly recognisable packaging!

Customising Bottle Boxes

Tradition and flavour can also be described through original packaging. You can now keep your wine bottles in unique Bottle Boxes that will promote your brand. Displayed on shelves in your shop, your new boxes will attract customers' attention and describe the product in an instant. You create a winning graphic design concept and we will bring it to life with the best printing technology on the market.

With the help of the Template and Instructions from our Graphic Designers, which you can download from this page, you can easily set up your print file. Follow the guidelines to get the best possible results, and if you have any problems, you can always count on our Customer Support service. One of our advisors will be on hand to provide the help you need at any stage of the purchasing process.

Wine packaging: Pixartprinting has everything you need

In our extensive online catalogue, you can find all kinds of solutions for your wine packaging. Not only custom Bottle Boxes but also Wine and Spirit Labels printed in high definition and Embossed Labels. We have so many models of Bottle Boxes and Bottle Bags available. Find the ideal one for your needs! They are all fully customisable.