Colour Guides

Our colour guides are an essential tool for your work: the colour combinations give you an accurate idea of how your print will appear on a vast range of materials. Choose the one that suits your needs!

Test our quality before you order

Consulting our colour guides helps you to get to know our products better, allowing you to examine the print quality before you order. The various colour combinations are available on 37 different substrates, divided into five different guides.

  1. Small Format Colour Guide: this tool lets you see how thousands of colour combinations will turn out on your paper documents. The brochure measures 148 x 210 mm and has 242 double-sided pages.
  2. Rigid Media Colour Guide: this demonstrates the print quality of various colour combinations on 16 different materials, and measures 100 x 70 cm.
  3. Banners and Mesh Colour Guide: this brochure provides colour combinations for four different types of material, and again measures 100 x 70 cm.
  4. Adhesive PVC Colour Guide: choose from 11 types of substrate and find the colour combination that works for you. This pack also measures 100 x 70 cm.
  5. Fabric Colour Guide: use this pack to decide which of five types of fabric you should use for your printing projects.

Check how your items will come out

The colour guides are a crucial tool if you want certainty on what the products you order will look like. There is a vast range of substrates available, and the colour guides allow you to experiment and broaden your horizons, and let your creativity run wild.

Trust us and test out our products

You may be unsure not only of how the colours will appear, but also of the type of item you wish to buy. If you're not yet sure which is the best product for you, have a look at our sample packs: you will be able to peruse their contents and choose the item that suits your aims.