Wedding booklet

Create custom Church Booklets for your Wedding Mass and guide your guests through the ceremony. Insert hymns, readings, and wedding vows in a customized booklet that fits your event theme!

Print Personalised Wedding Order of Service with Pixartprinting

Wedding Order of Service for the Ceremony of a Wedding are essential during the religious service. But what are they exactly? The Wedding Order of Service is a small book that outlines the Mass to be celebrated during the church service. It allows guests to follow along and actively participate in the ceremony, including the hymns and readings, and can describe key moments of the day with useful timings and directions for all guests.

With Pixartprinting, you can print personalised Wedding Order of Service online. Fast and convenient, our printing service will deliver them to match the style of your event directly to your home. You can distribute them before the Wedding begins or have them ready near the seats.

Printing your Wedding Order of Service online is easy

Pixartprinting is an ideal printing partner for creating quality bound products. Why choose us? Ordering your Order of Service online saves you time and resources to dedicate to other essential wedding elements. We offer a range of customisation options, from selecting the right format to choosing a material that reflects your event’s style. You can choose from up to 9 different papers for its pages, with selectable weights and the option to laminate.

It only takes a few clicks and a few minutes! Choose your product, select the configuration options, and download our graphic designers’ Instruction file. This will help you set up your printing file effortlessly. Then, place your order and upload your file! You’ll receive your new Wedding Order of Service with fast and prompt shipping directly to your home.

How to print an Order of Service for your Wedding Ceremony?

Before you begin, let us give you some advice. Services aren't always the same. Consult the priest who will officiate your Wedding to learn what parts the religious service will include. This makes it easier to know what to include and avoid including something that might be omitted. Once you've gathered this basic information, you'll be ready to shape your Wedding Order of Service!

  1. Choose a personalised or predefined Format: You can choose a Format you prefer from the classics (A4, A5) or manually input the dimensions for a customised Format.
  2. Choose the type of Paper: We offer up to 9 different Papers for its pages and Cover. The Cover can be printed on the same paper as the pages or on a different Paper.
  3. Lamination: You can also apply Surface Lamination to the Cover and internal pages, protecting the print and making them pleasant to touch.
  4. Complete the customisation, download the Instruction file, and set up your file following the directions. This ensures a high-quality result. Then place your order and upload your file for printing!

The design of your Wedding Order of Service

With Pixartprinting, the customisation possibilities are extensive. Your tastes will primarily define the final design, but consider these aspects:

  • The event’s theme: If your Wedding has a particular theme, you can incorporate it into the Wedding Order of Service by printing its colours or graphics on the cover or page edges.
  • For the cover: We recommend a simple, clear cover without too many elements. You can, however, include a small photo of the couple and their names on the cover.
  • Include guest directions: Remember to include important directions for guests at the end, such as restaurant information, timings, etc.

Order of Service and other ideas for your Wedding

Our extensive online catalogue offers many customisable products to make your Wedding unique! In addition to the Wedding Order of Service, we also recommend Personalised Invitations, Tags to decorate your party favours and decor, Adhesive Stickers, and Packaging for favours.

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Our best wishes for your Wedding!