Pedreira Stool

Pixartprinting's exclusive stool, with a unique design. Made from single-wall cardboard printed on one side, it is perfect for shops and trade fairs.

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The Pedreira Cardboard Stool

Are you organizing the setup for your next trade show booth? Do you want to furnish your store in a unique way while maintaining its identity? We offer you a useful and versatile product that can be used in various contexts: the Pedreira Cardboard Stool. It is an affordable yet high-quality piece of furniture designed to provide you with a low-cost solution that combines comfort and design.

Pixartprinting's Cardboard Stools are made from sturdy Double-Wave Cardboard, and their entire surface can be fully personalized and printed with your custom graphics. They are lightweight but strong enough to support the weight of a person when used as a comfortable seat. They can also serve as useful shoe rests in footwear or clothing stores.

You can order them with just a few clicks on this page. Select the customization options you prefer and indicate the desired quantity to access the valuable free online quote. Once you place your order, they will be delivered directly to your office through fast and punctual shipping.

Customizing the Cardboard Stools

The product configuration on this page is quick and intuitive. Select the customization options and download the helpful Template to correctly set up your print file. Inside the template, you will find instructions from our graphic designers, including precise guides and indications to give your new Cardboard Stools the desired appearance.

  1. Graphics: You have the option to choose one of our 23 pre-defined templates or select "Free Template" to upload your custom print file.
  2. Finish: Apply a surface lamination to the stool to protect the print from scratches or other stress-related situations that could affect its appearance over time.

If you encounter any difficulties during the ordering process, do not hesitate to contact our helpful customer support services. They can assist you in resolving any doubts or addressing specific requests.