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Striking customisable products for decorating your offices or display areas.

Printed Decor with Pixartprinting

Many solutions to make your interiors unique

Are you planning to update your spaces or looking for original ideas to furnish your new premises? At Pixartprinting, you can find an entire section dedicated to printed customised decor! Photo canvases, wallpaper, signs, doormats, and many other ideas to add a touch of originality to your interiors.

All our products are printed in top-notch quality, thanks to continuous material research and the use of the best printing technologies on the market. We are the leaders in Web-to-Print in Europe and shape our clients' ideas to meet any communication need. Take a look at our proposals for customised decor for your new premises and find the ones that suit you best!

Our products for interior decoration of premises, retail spaces, and homes

All our products are completely customisable with an image of your choice or a custom-made graphic:

  • Canvas prints, Wall frames, and Photo canvases: High-definition printed supports to add a touch of originality to your spaces.
  • Wallpaper: Made from an image of your choice, such as your company logo or a unique message, it's perfect for characterising your walls with surprising colors and shapes.
  • Doormats: Choose these colorful mats to make your entrances more inviting and friendly.
  • Signs: Made of Plexiglass or Forex, they are used to provide useful information to visitors in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Cardboard letters and cubes: Original and recyclable items for window dressing.
  • Stuttgart Box: Useful and personalised cardboard containers.
  • Pedreira Stool: A lightweight yet sturdy seat, perfect for your meeting rooms and relaxation areas.
  • MagaZoo Magazine Holder: Shaped like animals, they are original and fun.

Personalising our products is simple and fast. Download the template from the product page in question and follow the instructions to perfectly adapt your image to the printing support. You can count on products for interior decoration for homes, offices, and retail spaces that are in line with your corporate image. Print the ideal decor for your spaces and make your interiors unique!

Pixartprinting's Interior Decoration: Punctuality and Print Quality at Your Fingertips!

You have the possibility to view the product price in real-time through the convenient free online quote. Order well in advance to take advantage of lower prices! Once you have completed the configuration of your ideal product, you can conclude the purchase in a few clicks and have it delivered directly to your store. You will receive it quickly through fast and punctual shipping. Additionally, our helpful customer support services can assist you in case of any doubts or unexpected issues.

Everything you need for your business: Customised Furniture and Clothing

Inside our website, you will discover many useful products to refresh the look of your spaces. Items for modern decor, but also customisable clothing for all seasons: caps, t-shirts, and branded sweatshirts. You can create the perfect uniforms for your new retail space, taking advantage of always advantageous prices.

Don't forget to check out our photo products! Print your photos in high-quality to use frames and displays within your premises.

To rest among your most beautiful memories, you also have the option to order personalised cushions with your own photos or original images.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I print customised furniture products? Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for creating customised decor items that align with your corporate image. We provide a quality online printing service for customised photo canvases and canvas prints with your images, wallpaper, personalised doormats, office or outdoor signs, and many other items. You have the opportunity to bring originality to your spaces with customised and unique furnishings: numerous customised furniture products with high-definition and strictly personalised printing.
  • Where can I purchase sustainable furniture products? At Pixartprinting, we love shaping our clients' ideas through printing on a wide range of different formats, big or small. We use many sustainable materials such as paper, cardboard, and PVC, without compromising on high-definition and durable printing. Our customisable furniture products are perfect for those who want to imbue their premises with a "green" spirit.
  • What furniture products can I choose from? Our extensive catalog includes numerous customisable products. You can find everything you need to furnish your new retail space or restyle your offices: photo canvases, canvas prints, wallpaper, doormats, signs, cardboard containers, magazine holders. Choose the solutions that suit you best and make your spaces immediately recognizable!