Stuttgart Box Large

Double-wall cardboard box with flap lid.

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Are you looking for a functional and economical container to store loose papers and other office items? Often, the simplest solutions are the most effective. We provide convenient Cardboard Boxes with Flap Lid made of sturdy double-wave cardboard, ideal for storing documents and accessories. Our Stuttgart Boxes are colored and have a modern design. They can seamlessly blend into your office decor without being visually disruptive. Additionally, they can be easily lifted and transported, even when full, thanks to the convenient handles cut into the cardboard.

You can customize the box surface with your own graphics. The configuration is straightforward:

  1. Download the helpful Template from the page and follow all the instructions provided by our designers to properly set up your print file. This way, you can ensure the result aligns perfectly with your expectations: a high-definition printed box with flap lid featuring vibrant colors and precise details.
  2. Select the Quantity and the Delivery Date that suit you best to view the Free Quote directly on the page. The quote is automatically estimated during the configuration and can provide you with an accurate indication of the final price.

You also have the option to apply a surface lamination to the box to protect the print from scratches or cuts.

Pixartprinting's Signature Flap Lid Boxes: More than just storage containers

Even a simple box can be an opportunity to express your philosophy. Whether placed inside offices to hold documents and notes or used in retail stores to organize non-displayed merchandise, these Colored Boxes convey your values and ideas. They speak to your collaborators, colleagues, and customers. Choose a graphic that tells your story and utilize every inch of the surface to communicate.

We don't just offer plain Cardboard Boxes with Flap Lid; we provide a complete printing service tailored to the needs of professionals. Our Customer Support is available to assist you at any time, addressing any doubts or specific requests. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive the product directly at your office through fast and punctual Shipping.

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