Mailing Boxes

Our corrugated board mailing boxes are the ideal choice for shipping your products in complete safety – the fluted structure provides padding that both insulates and protects the contents. Available in a range of styles, they can be printed on both the inside and outside, giving your customers a unique unboxing experience.

Communication on the go
Customise your boxes and let the show commence. Printable all over on both the inside and outside, our mailing boxes deliver an experience focused on your brand, enhancing your product from the parcel's arrival to unboxing.
Safe shipping
Our mailing boxes are designed to give your products as much protection as possible: they are made from corrugated cardboard, which protects your goods from the outside world and cushions any bumps during shipping and delivery.
Ideal for...
Our mailing boxes are perfect for shipping all products from your online shop, and for sending out samples or welcome kits. You can also use them for subscription boxes or to wrap unexpected gifts.
Book Boxes
The three different sizes of box will hold any type of publication – catalogues, magazines or books – and can be printed on both the inside and outside. The corrugated cardboard insulates the contents and offers protection in case the package is dropped.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Corrugated Mailing Boxes

Make a strong impact with custom corrugated mailing boxes, the perfect packaging solution for shipping a wide range of products. These boxes not only protect your contents but also act as a powerful promotional tool for both shops and e-commerce businesses. Fully customisable, you can print your graphics on both the inside and outside of the box to create unique packaging that aligns perfectly with your branding.

Unique Unboxing Experience

Choose from a variety of models and formats to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. These mailing boxes go beyond being mere containers; they become an integral part of the shopping journey you want to offer. Utilize them for packaging and shipping your products, sample packs, or welcome kits.

Surprise your customers with personalised mailing boxes that feature vibrant colours and exclusive prints tailored just for your brand. Stand out in the market and promote your shop or e-commerce business with high-quality, branded packaging!

Discover Our Corrugated Cardboard Mailing Boxes

Our new customised mailing boxes are crafted from corrugated cardboard, a sturdy and reliable material commonly used for packaging. It offers excellent print quality, allowing you to achieve well-defined images and vivid colours on the box surface. With Pixartprinting, you can now print on both the outside and inside of the mailing boxes, adding an element of surprise during unboxing.

Whether you run a shop or an e-commerce business, Pixartprinting is the ideal printing partner for you. Create new custom mailing boxes starting from just one copy. Select your preferred model and configuration on the product page, and your bespoke mailing boxes will be swiftly delivered to your office or home through our fast and punctual shipping service.

Don't forget to download the helpful Template with Instructions from our graphic designers after finalizing your customisation options. It will assist you in setting up your print file and uploading it in just a few clicks!

Functional and Personalised Mailing Boxes

With a unique mailing box, you can provide both protection and promotion for your products. Use these cardboard mailing boxes to package a wide range of items, including products, samples, and welcome kits. The boxes offer full customisation options and feature a classic opening system, allowing you to print a message on the inside of the lid to delight your customers.

Available in five different sizes, you can select the ideal fit for your needs and create personalised mailing boxes that leave a lasting impression!

Create Classic Mailing Boxes Aligned with Your Brand

Our classic mailing boxes, also known as “American boxes,” are made from corrugated cardboard and offer both inside and outside printing. Stand out from ordinary cardboard boxes and showcase your brand with custom prints. Add your logo, original graphics, or a personalised message to make them instantly recognisable.

Get a Quick Quote for Your New Mailing Boxes

With our convenient automatic quote, see the final price of your new mailing boxes as you configure them on the product page. Choose your preferred customisation options and quantity to get a price estimate. Remember, the new mailing boxes are available in small quantities, starting from just one copy!

Explore More Packaging Solutions

Pixartprinting offers not only personalised mailing boxes but also a wide range of high-quality packaging solutions. Explore our vast online catalogue, including roll labels and custom packaging tape, to complement your product packaging. Discover reliable, customisable, and convenient shipping supplies for books, documents, CDs, and more with our personalised packaging.