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Mailing Boxes

Our corrugated board mailing boxes are the ideal choice for shipping your products in complete safety – the fluted structure provides padding that both insulates and protects the contents. Available in a range of styles, they can be printed on both the inside and outside, giving your customers a unique unboxing experience.


Ideal for...

Our mailing boxes are perfect for shipping all products from your online shop, and for sending out samples or welcome kits. You can also use them for subscription boxes or to wrap unexpected gifts.

Book Boxes

The three different sizes of box will hold any type of publication – catalogues, magazines or books – and can be printed on both the inside and outside. The corrugated cardboard insulates the contents and offers protection in case the package is dropped.

Complete your packaging

For a secure way to fasten your boxes, choose our fully customisable and durable parcel tape with fibre reinforcement. The tape is made of paper and a water-activated, plant-based adhesive.

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