Bottle Holders

We have a dedicated shopping bag for bottles too! Customise your paper bottle bags and use them to hold wine or spirits in your shop or bar, or take them to trade fairs for giving out gifts to customers.

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The Chic Packaging: Custom Cardboard Wine Carriers

For your beverages, effective presentation is essential. With our custom cardboard wine carriers, you can showcase your products with the right style and leave a lasting impression on customers.

You can easily assemble the corrugated cardboard structure (8.5x12x47 cm) of your wine carrier. The cardboard wine carrier is suitable for bottles with a diameter between 75 mm and 90 mm. Adding quality and durability over time, you can apply a matte or glossy lamination to your wine carrier.

Practical Applications for Cardboard Wine Carriers

The cardboard wine carrier is perfect for promoting any type of beverage, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. From wine and beer to soda or fruit juices, customers will certainly appreciate your items, both during promotional events and in your retail establishment.

Which Products to Pair with the Wine Carrier?

If you're looking for another product to add elegance to your bottles, our hang tags or our paper bags can be useful. There is also a wide selection of labels available for various uses.