Packaging for party gifts and favours

What favour or souvenir will your party guests take home? Whatever you give them, make sure it's in the right packaging. Choose the best format for your favours from our extensive range, including pillow gift boxes, pull out boxes, gift bags and many more options for your gifts.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Memorable packaging for memorable occasions
Weddings, christenings and birthdays are unique moments: leave guests with unforgettable souvenirs by wrapping your gifts or favours in unique packaging.
Packaging guests will want to keep
Make your packaging so nice that nobody will want to throw it away. Add gold foil, silver foil or 3D varnish to names and dates, or opt for a heart-shaped custom cut-out on one side. And why not print a message inside and surprise people when they open their gift?

Favour Boxes

With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to create unique favour boxes, perfect for various occasions such as weddings, baptisms, first communions, and graduations. You can use them to package gifts for your guests or create customised boxes for sugared almonds. These favour boxes are made of cardboard and can be printed with your own graphics.

Our selection of favour boxes includes over twenty customisable box types. Choose your preferred model and personalise its size and appearance based on the gift you want to give to your guests, making them truly unique! Personalising and ordering your packaging for favours is easy and can be done in just a few clicks!

How to Personalise Your Favour Boxes

On this page, you can find many models of favour boxes and packaging. Discover the model that suits you best and select the most suitable configuration options within the product page. Once you complete the personalisation, you can download the useful template and instructions for correctly setting up your graphic file. Place your order and upload your file to complete the purchase. Your new favour boxes will be delivered directly to your home with punctual shipping.

You can also take advantage of Designer, our new online editor for favour boxes: simply select the "Create your file" option to see a 3D preview that can be edited in real-time.

Various Customised Favour Boxes

The new favour boxes are customisable, easy to assemble, and reliable. A true delight to discover! The standard cardboard boxes represents the most classic solution for printing your new customised boxes. They can also be laminated and finished, available in various materials. On the other hand, the personalised flip lid boxes are characterised by their original casket shape and practical front opening. The pillow boxes are perfect for holding confetti or small gifts, while the cardboard gift bags are made of cardboard and ideal for gadgets and small accessories.

These are just a few ideas, as you can also find pastry boxes, photo boxes, or book boxes. Choose your favourite model and personalise your new favour boxes with just a few clicks!

Cardboard Favour Boxes, Easy to Assemble

The favour boxes are made of cardboard and are easy to assemble. Delivered flat, they will save you a lot of space during transportation and can be quickly assembled with the convenient interlocking mechanism. Lightweight yet sturdy, they are ideal for holding confetti, small souvenirs, or gadgets.

Remember that these boxes are not suitable for direct contact with food. You can use a plastic wrap, for instance, to preserve the contents.

Favour Boxes Available in Small Quantities Too

Pixartprinting is a printing service suitable for small businesses, shops, and individuals. You have the possibility to order your new favour boxes even in small quantities, starting from just 1 single copy! Do you need to package favours for a client? Are you planning your special event and need customised boxes for your gifts? Choose your favourite model and personalise your packaging for favours. Remember to order in advance to access a more affordable price.

Favour Boxes for All Occasions

At Pixartprinting, you'll discover a wide range of products for custom packaging. Not only many models of favour boxes and gift boxes, but also custom-made boxes for shops and food packaging. The gift boxes are suitable for packaging various items. With different shapes and sizes, they are fully customisable and ready to house your gifts! The cardboard gift bags are ideal for wrapping small gadgets and can be used during events and special occasions to amaze collaborators and clients.

If you want to create the perfect packaging for your pastries and bakery products, the pastry boxes are made of cardboard and 100% customisable. Remember that they are not suitable for direct contact with food. You can use a transparent wrapper to preserve your products. And to send pleasant and precious memories, you can use customised photo boxes. Convenient and secure, they are ideal for storing snapshots and photographs.