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Boxes for objects

Whatever item you're selling, we have the perfect packaging to not only protect it and give it a touch of glamour, but ship it to customers too. Discover our hanging, window, heavy-duty and pillow boxes, our pull out boxes and deluxe boxes, our many designs of flexible packaging and our vast range of mailing boxes.


Your packaging is the best ambassador for your brand

The boxes holding your products are much more than just containers – they are your most important marketing tool. Use them to tell your story and describe your product, with extra content and details printed inside. Give your product a voice and grab customers' attention.

Our packaging is a sustainable choice

The cardboard we use for our boxes is FSC® certified, meaning we only use paper sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. Our card and paperboard are fully recyclable, and can be ordered in extremely small quantities to avoid unnecessary waste, while flat pouches save space and optimise shipping costs.

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