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Clothing packaging

We have a vast array of packaging for your clothing products: pull out boxes, flip lid boxes, pillow boxes, flat pouches, classic boxes and snap shut boxes. Plus our mailing boxes and postal boxes are essential for shipping items to customers. 


Creating amazing packaging is now easy as pie.

Discover our Designer and create bespoke boxes in just a few clicks. We provide you with a vast array of designs to choose from, which you can edit by changing the colours, layout and size. It couldn't be simpler!

If you have to ship your products...

When sending your products directly to customers' homes, do it in complete safety with our mailing boxes: the durable corrugated card protects the contents, while the all-over printing both inside and outside conveys your brand's message from all angles, providing an unboxing experience that is sure to surprise!

Packaging is not complete without a matching bag

Round off your packaging with our shopping bags: available in numerous designs, colours and materials, our customised paper bags are the ideal way to add the finishing touches to your clothes packaging. There's no better way to promote your brand to potential customers out and about!

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